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Hi, I am planning to go to India in Nov-Dec. I applied for my OPT and the end date on my i20 is Dec 19th. I wanted to  know if it is okay to travel out of country and return on Dec15th?


Since the end date on the i20 is Dec19th will there be any questions at port of entry if I return on Dec 15th.


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My case is similar to this 


I am planning to travel India and will be returning back on Dec 10th ( 5 days before OPT expiration date). I have F1 visa valid till April 2017. I am working as a contractor and I will be carrying employer and client letter with me.
There are possibilities my STEM extension to be approved by the day I return back. If is not approved is it safe for me to return on old opt card which will be valid for 5 more days from that date?
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