L2 to H1 while L2 is pending


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Hi All, 

I had my H1 till 12 Sep 2014, my spouse is on L1A and their company filed for my L2 on Jul 21st 2014 as my H1 was maxing out in Sep 2014. 

My L2 is still pending till date. 

In the mean while the consulting company that I was working with had filed I140 after PERM approval and I140 got approved. 
They applied for L2 to H1 conversion and H1 extension based on I140 in premium processing, but unfortunately got RFE asking for L2 approval receipt, Right to control and whole lot of other stuff. 

My consulting company (mine is direct client no middle vendor in between) says that they will provide all the client details etc and also a personal letter stating that my L2 is pending and this should suffice... 

I am worried , will this work and will the RFE response will be favorable? 

Has any body faced this situation please share , will my H1b be approved or will it gets denied ?? 
Seniors please respond.... 

Thanks in advance.

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