Please help - H4-F1-H4/F1


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Can you please advise on this.


1) I came to US on H4 Visa in Jan 2014 

2) Then I applied CoS from H4 to F1 on May 20th and its approved on Auguts 20th. I started my school from September on Full time F1 status. 

3) Meanwhile, My husband has filed an H4 Extension along with his H1B Transfer on July 2nd which got approved on October 10th.  

4) We contacted the school and they say that my F1 SEVIS is still active . 


So, Is there anyway I could retain my F1 status. If I need to go to stamping, should I go with a new I-20 or can I use the existing one with which I am studying in college now ?

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Guest student12345

I would suggest you get your H4 extension sorted with your lawyer, you cannot be on dual status. So either you can be on F1 or H4.


Once that is sorted, contact your DSO and get the relevant documents such as travel signature not older than 6 months.

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