H1B in Chennai


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 Below are few questions from Consulates in India :


Chennai/Delhi Questions  :




Below are few questions which needs some preparation :



VO : Project description :

Me:People bring many pages document,I gave my doc and explained 



VO:-which employer you are going? 
me:I Said my employer name as XXX 

VO:-what is their business 
me:-I explanined my employer business while reading my employer site(Guys please prepare this quesiton carefully) 



VO:-He asked from where you come across this opportinuity? 
me:-I said job portal. 
VO:-He asked which job portal? 
me:-I said one of US job portal. (Dice.com, Indeed.com)


VO : I need to take a look at project documents and took LCA , I-129, I -797,Project description,IT of the employer and asked me to wait for an hour.. 

Officer: Do you’ve US rights pamphlet.? 
Me: Yes, I hold it and shown. 



Officer: What you do? 
Me: Answered appropriately <Roles & Responsibilities> 


Officer: Why you? 
Me: Answered appropriately <Provided my capacity and expertise as a justification



Officer: How much you earn there? 
Me: Answered appropriately <as per LCA


Officer: In which city you’ll be staying? 
Me: Answered appropriately 


**Supporting Documents: 
I-129 Document 
Supporting Manager Letter 
Company Appointment Letter Original 
Latest Revision Letter 
Last 2-3 month pay slips 
All Original Educational Documents 
Last 6 month bank statement 
Last 2-3 year Tax filing slips (Form-16) 
Manager Letter 
Additional Project Information (If you’ve) 
Experience Letter describing the roles and responsibilities 
DS-160 Screens 
Company ID card (Of course I wear it while in Interview) 


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Hello H1B01,

i am planning to go to chennai as well for my H1 stamping, I thought of going to Jamaica but after oct 31 news for TCN , i decided to go to Chennai embassy itself, any suggestions, if you are done with your interview , please share your experience and please provide your email for further questions.

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