H1B Transfer with criminal case pending


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I have a criminal case pending in India. It was filed after i came to US. I did not get any official info like documents or warrants to US. 


I want to move to a different employer from my current employer. Will there be any questions where in i have to disclose the case details. If i disclose details, will there be any deportation. 

I already got an offer from 3 employers. But i have been not joining the new employers because of these queries. 


The case details are that a girl filed a false case mentioning that i promised for marriage and did not honor the promise. 


Please help. 



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Could anyone please help me on this. 




I don't think the H-1B transfer, i.e. form I-129 asks about criminal proceedings against you. It shouldn't be a problem for H-1B transfer.


But if you're going for a stamping,depending on severity of the the complaint,  you may have to mention this in form DS-160. 

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