Coming back to USA after 3 months of stay in India on B2 visa


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I am her daughter currently on F1 visa status. I have my family here, my husband on H1B and my daughter on H4 visa. My husband has applied to get his H1B extended having got his I140. We had my mom here from March, 2014 to Sep, 2014. Now she is in India. We want her to be here in the USA again in the month of Dec, 2014. Will she be allowed at the POE? She is currently on her B2 visa and multiple entries. My husband sponsored her visa. 


Reasons I have for my mom to present at POE given by me:

1. All of us are on holidays now till the 5th of Jan, we would like her to be here with us to spend time visiting places. On her previous visit we could not take her around cause we all didn't have holidays at the same time.


2. Since I am on my student visa, busy with my graduate studies and my husband on H1B busy working, my daughter is feeling too lonely and we want my mom to come over and give my daughter some emotional support, spend time with her, so the kid doesn't miss her alot.


Kindly help me out, it would be really great if I can get your replies.


Thank you!

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