2nd H1B visa stamping - DUI in jamaica or canada - Please Help !!


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Hi, I received my DUI in April 2014 and i've completed all court related requirements. I have my license back as well.


My probation is for 2 years, but i need to go out of the country and I need to get my visa stamping done.


My company's attorney said that unless the probation is over it means that the case is open. So, there might be a chance for delay in getting the visa stamping.


This is my second H1B stamping and i am fulltime.


I am not sure what my next steps are ?


Please Help and Advise. !!!





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Take  the Permission Letter from your Probation Officer to travel Out of country 


Also when and where is your VISA Interview ??


For my Self i will be done in One Month and i request my PO to give me a Letter and more over i m in non reporting Probation.


So hoping for the best !!

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