Is Jamaica still an option for H1 to H1 stamping


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I have appointment on Dec 1st and I had first H1 Stamping done in India, what I was wondering was in the last notice they have restricted H1 stamping for few scenarios but in this notice they didn't mention any exceptions, so not sure if they are welcoming H1 to H1 stamping or not.


I called customer care to verity with them, but they didn't answer the question they said all information is available in website. 



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Hi, I have my appointment on Dec 2. My previous H1B was stamped in India. I think we are ok since we booked our appointment before Oct 31 and havent received cancellation. What are your travel plans?



Hey, i am in the same situation as you are and the answer is: YES YOU CAN GO because you BOOKED before 31 October & policy changes came in effect from 31st Oct, 2014


Please share your email.

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