I485 RFE and now stuck in limbo


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Not sure where to begin with this. 

PD - Dec 2005

Category - EB2 India

I485 filed in July 2007


Back in July 2014 I became current and got RFE'ed due to medical and proof of visa and employment. I promptly responded to it. USCIS got my RFE response in mid august. I did get a notice saying it would take 60 days which puts it to mid Oct. However, in November 2014 India EB2 retrogressed. My lawyers filed a service request in the first week of October. Now that its November, i am no longer current but do have a pending RFE response review and a Service request. Wha does this mean for my application? Will my application still be adjudicated while i am waiting for my PD to be current? Will my application only get reviewed when my PD is current? Will i get RFE'ed again when i get current?


Thanks in advance!


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USCIS will keep adjudicating your application based on RFE submitted. However when 60 days were over, you should have made a lot of noise - like creating SR, contacting senator / congressman to start inquiry etc. You could have got your I-485 approved. Now, you would need to wait until your PD becomes current again. 

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