H1b transfer issue - options


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My H1b is with company A ( visa is valid till 07/31/2011 and I94 till 08/10/2011 )

- I transfered my H1b to company B in Feb 2011 and got an RFE in May 2011 and replied

to that RFE on 24th June 2011 and also upgraded it to premium on July 6th 1011

- I called my previous employer A to check if in case my H1b transfer gets denied i can join

them back. They said my H1b is revoked. But they are ready to transfer my H1b using the

company B pay stubs and h1b transfer reciept So that if my h1b transfer to B gets denied i

wont be in out of status.

Should i wait for the decision from UICIS or should i initiate the transfer to my previous

employer A before the decision?

What are the options available in front of me in both the cases ?

Please throw your thoughts about this kind of scenario? Probably there are many people like me who are in such situation?

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