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I need a clarification for the traffic citation I received 13 years ago for going 5 mph over(30 on 25 mph), I contested it but was given a citation and points which I paid. I wasn't "arrested" or anything  like that. I got another speeding ticket for going 10 over 4 years ago which I paid and completed the online training as well.


My question is , Is this supposed to be "reported" as "Yes" for item 23 in part 11 of N400.

I am getting all kinds of mixed answers. LOSM said it was not important when they represented us for GC.

I read somewhere we should keep it consistent but I also don't want any issues with USCIS thinking I hid something if I was supposed to say it.


B) In part 11, item 9,membership of or associated with, any organization, association, fund the US or elsewhere in the world?


What are they expecting us to answer here? If we have professional membership like American chemical society during my student days, am I supposed to mention that ?

OR is this some kind of political group being referred to ?


C) finally , how many times has your current spouse been married.

If we have been married to each other just once, is it zero or one.


please advise.




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All moving violations, such as speeding tickets, have to be listed on the N-400. You were cited, and citations have to be listed. If the fine was under $500, there is no need to have any more documentation.

For membership in organizations, membership in professional organizations should get mentioned. I listed ACM and IEEE, as well as local Unix/Linux user organizations.

If your marriage is your first one, list it as one.

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