i140 amendment processing time?


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Does anyone know if i140 amendment has longer processing time compared to "standard" i140 applications?


I have an approved EB3 i140 with company A (from 2011). on late 2013, company A was acquired by company B, so the lawyer filled an i140 amendment together with i485, as my priority date became current.


After 4 months of no contact from USCIS, my lawyer tried premium processing on the i140, however, USCIS rejected it as they don't accept PP for i140 amendment applications.


My i140 amendment was pending for 10 months now. Lawyer tried 2 inquiries, and their response was very unhelpful: 


Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application.


I requested an infopass appointment. perhaps they can provide  some info on my i485 application or if I can use AC21 under my original i140.


Any suggestions on getting info from USCIS or expedite the process? There are some major changes in the new company and im not sure how much time I had left with this employer... 


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