Perm denied + help needed


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Dear Experts,

I am trouble and any help from you would be really helpful

Below are my case details have 4 years of BE and 8.5 years of experience in IT

1 Labor applied under Eb2 category(26 Oct 2010)

2) Got Audited (2 -Feb-2011)

3) Got Denied (20-Jun-2011)

Appeal is due by 20 Jul 2011, my 6 years of H1-including of all recaptured time is getting over on 20 Nov 2011

Can you please advise what are my options

1 ) My lawyer said that they will appeal for denied labor, can i apply for 7th year extension based on appeal

2) if above is yes , when can i apply for 7th year extension (after 26 oct 2011?)as my priority date 26 oct 2010 (365 days are still not over)

3) What happen if my appeal get I have to leave country immediately

4) any other options i can try to continue my stay

5) Can I change my visa from H1-B t0 L1-A, L1-A has 7 years of stay in USA compare to H1-b which has only 6 years of stay...after changing to l1-A ,,,,can i file under Eb1 category

6) Can I change my Eb2 category to EB3 category ...and appeal my case as labor got denied for Eb2 category

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