New Canada Panic


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All this is a staple warning at most US embassies and is very true. As far as Canada is concerned, this text was always there. I am not sure if you all can read Russian but below link will take you the same discussion taken place years ago about this statement at Canada embassy:




Or google the text that is posted on Canadian Embassy you can arrive directly at the above link and you will find that it is justified and it is true for various reasons. Let's first see why.

1. Ease of understanding: The US consulars go through the trouble of learning a whole culture in order to understand the banking, education, real state and other infrastructure of a certain country and are hence equipped to understand home applicants much better than they would a certain foreign applicant who arrived just because of the proximity to US.

Think like this, a US consular in Canada wouldn't know anything about Punjab National bank or how many "lakhs" (not millions) of Rupees you have there. He wouldn't know where Vellore Institute of Technology is or how much "percentage" of marks you scored there. To be succinct, the US consulars not in your home country cannot assess your ties to home country.

There is so much more I want to write but you get the idea.


A US consular in India, however, would exactly know when you're talking about.


2. Consulate shopping and abuse: People (with dodgy backgrounds) go to these locations in the assumption that it will be a cake walk for them as opposed to their home country. However,  even the most genuine applicant finds himself stuck not in his home country, not in the US but a completely unknown country. He has to stay in a hotel, make travel arrangements all over again to India and inform the employer that he wont be joining when scheduled. The hassle is so not worth it sometimes. The US embassies by issuing this warning are only helping those genuine applicants.



3. Jamaican/Canadian consulars may also find that they are spending more time assessing people from India as opposed to their home applicants. It is at times not fair to the people of the country.


4. Above all US consulars want you to know that no matter what you do, your interview will be a breeze if you have a solid documentation and good background, but if don't, you really cannot escape the situation. You will be with your family and you can arrange better documents from your home than in Canada in an emergency situation.



Now the good news for Canada Applicants. Why you do not need to worry (For now anyway)


1. I am in the same boat, if that helps. :P


2. When you booked your appointment, they asked you specifically what your status in Canada is. And almost certainly you chose the one that was very specific to you. It was not "Visitor" but "A Non Canadian coming from US to Canada" . I feel as long as we have this option on that appointment website, we are fine. Just keep an eye on Murthy forum and help everyone out.


3. Canada is a 1st world country (no offense) and has so many consulates and it can cater to applicants who are visitors from the US. Jamaica, on the other hand, is small and the alarming number of applicants for H1B (that too Indian citizens) made them cancel this whole thing out for good. 




If you have already booked an appointment and purchased tickets (like me), just sit back and relax. But if you haven't, please REFRAIN from booking any future appointments in Canada and do it in your home country. Pay heed to what they have said.



Guys, I really hope this will help. You are welcome to refute me. But Instead of spreading rumors and creating panic, let us help each other out. I have learnt a lot from this forum (I have been reading JoeF 's posts since 2011) and this is time for me to give something back.


Make a solid documentation, inform the employer (or client) in advance about the whole situation so incase of a questionaire sent out from the embassy, they are more equipped and prepared. Prepare for your interview well, espescially the question WHY TORONTO/OTTAWA/VANCOUVER/CALGARY/VANCOUVER.




And don't worry







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