I-912 Fee Waiver Request Form Questions


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JoeF - I would highly appreciate getting your kind response to my following query.


I and my wife are applying for the U S Naturalization and Citizenship on Form N-400. As my financial condition is not able to bear the application fee, I wish to apply for fee waiver on Form I -912. To assess if I qulify for the waiver, I give you below the following information:


1. My only source of income is my pension amounting about Rs. 42,000 (~ $ 700) per month . My wife has no income and is dependent on me. Therefore, I may be under the 150% 0f Federal Powerty Line. I retired in May, 2006 in India.


2. We are totally dependent on our children (02) in the U S.


3. I was surgically treated for gastric cancer in April, 2012 under emergency and granted Public Aid to meet the cost of hospitalization only. Due to financial hardship, I have been unable to pay the most of my bills.


4. I am 70 yrs old and my wife is 65.


I shall be highly indebted to you if you could kindly let me know whether we are eligible to the grant of fee waiver for the application on Form N - 400. Please also indicate if it will have any consequences in future if I apply for finanical or any medical support.


Thanking you,




Jagdish P Srivastava





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