Do We get New Receipt Number for MTR on Denied H1B


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My Employer said that an MTR has been filed for my Fresh H1-B 2015 (selected in lottery) denial.

He mentioned that a group MTR(for all the unsuccessful H1-Bs under that employer ) has been filed denials and he received a Single receipt number for it. Could this be true?

Also he mentioned that I wont get a Separate new Receipt number for the MTR.

The details of H1-B(MTR status) would be updated on the USCIS Website in H1B Case Status but under my Old/Original H1-B Petition number. Can someone please confirm if this could be true?

Currenly when I search my Old/Original H1-B petion number, the status is still shown as Denied.
My Employer said he filed the Bulk MTR couple of weeks back.

Many Thanks in advance for all your responses!

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