H1B Visa Renewal


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Same employer since May 2009.

H1B Status Received: Oct 2009 to Oct 2012

H1B Status Renewed: Oct 2012 to Oct 2015 --> H1B status is valid until Oct 2015


H1B Visa Stamp: Issued 21 Sep 2011

                           Valid Until or Expired on 01 Oct 2012 --> H1B Visa in passpot expired on Oct 2012


Passport Expiration Date: Feb 15th 2015


My sister's marriage is on Dec 6th 2014, My questions are:


1.) Am i qualified for H1b Interview Waiver DropBox program? (IWP Drop-Box)

2.) Am i qualified for H1b Interview Waiver program? (IWP)

3.) My passport expires on Feb 15 2015, Am i qualified for applying for a H1B Visa, a normal H1B Visa?


Please reply me as soon as you can.



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Just one question:

I am applying for my passport renewal at the newyork BLS Indian passport. If i go in person to drop my application for passport renewal at newyork BLS

1.) Can i get my new passport through postal mail or do i have to go in person again to pick up the new passport? I mean do i have to go to newyork again for pickup?

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Check with New York consulate if they provide Tatkal passport service ( for xtra fee ofcourse) also you may be able to do application in person and pick up when approved.


It is not recommended to use old passport for visa appointment. They may not accept new document at visa interview.

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