Job designation change during labor


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Hello friends,

I started the GC process when I was in level 3 in a X company. The recruitment was done for level 3 and now it is time to file for labor and get the tracking id.

But now I got promoted from level 3 to level 4. The law firm is not saying to me anything as per X company policy. But I am being asked from my manager that we can downgrade you in the system to level 3 until you get labor filing (until I get the filing number)

Please suggest if anyone had this issue before? Or any expertise?

Appreciate the early response.




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There is no need to downgrade you in the Company system as DOL does not care what your position is called nor does it check your internal company systems to confirm  level.

PERM is based on job requirement and proving there are no citizen/GC holders/ LPR who can do it. It is normal to get promotions and move up as GC is under process.

Also there is no Tracking ID that you can use. Employer/ lawyer can check that if they wish.

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