OPT Extension (Working at an University)


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I am working on OPT at an university in the Mechanical Engineering department and am eligible for STEM extension. My professor wants me to get a 17-month OPT extension. However, there seems to be a confusion here. When I ask the International Office of the university where I am currently working, they say that I can apply for OPT extension as the university is E-verified. But my department tells me that the university is E-verified for "Employees assigned to a covered federal contract only" and therefore I cannot apply for an extension. The personnel at the International Office say that they are not sure about what the federal contractor clause means. Additionally, my department says that if the extension happens, mine will be the first case.


If anyone else has gone through a similar situation, please let me know. Any knowledge of what this is all about will be immensely helpful to me.


Thank you.

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