Successful H1 Stamping in Vancouver


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This is an account of my H1 visa stamping with all details of where I stayed and tips for others who have an appointment in Vancouver.


My appointment was on Tuesday 10/27 @ 8:15 AM


Monday 10/26: I took the Bolt Bus from Seattle ~ $20 which got me in Vancouver around 10 PM.I booked a place on (lots of places to chose from based on your budget). I would recommend staying in the Alberni Street  & Jervis Street area as it is within walking distance to the Consulate.


Tuesday 10/27: I arrived at the consulate around 8 AM. You will have to check in any electronics (phones, digital watch) if you have a non-digital watch you are allowed to keep that on. Had to wait for about an hour and a half before my interview during that time I had to submit fingerprints and then send upstairs for the interview.


My case was a visa renewal/extension stamp. and the questions asked were:

  1. What do you do for your company?
  2. How long have you been working for your company?
  3. Where were you working before that?
  4. What did you go to unviresty for?
  5. How much is your salary?

After that the VO told me that my visa is approved and that I should be able to pick it in 3-5 business days.


I was done with the consulate around 10:30 AM. You should check this CEAC site to get an update about your case and regularly check your CSC information page to see if there is any update.


Wednesday 10/28:  Kept checking my information page but no update. Although the CEAC visa status check site showed "Issued". Spent the day hanging out and exploring Vancouver (Awesome city)


Thursday 10/29: Woke up and checked the CSC information page and it had the status updated to "Ready for pickup" and it also listed the Loomis waybill number.


If you want to save some money on the cab fare to the Loomis office in Richmond, take the Sky Train from Vancouver City Station on Georgia St and Granville. I would suggest buying the Day-Pass ~ $8 so you can use that for both ways. You would have to get off on the "Sea Center Station" and walk on Miller Ave.(go right after getting off the train) for about 10-minutes till you get to 5000 Miller Ave, (go around the Tim Horton's there and you will see the Loomis office)


Will be heading back to Seattle this evening on Bolt Bus. Best of luck to those going for their appointment. I hope this helps.





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