H1B denied for approved H1B FY2014


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This is my scenario


I got my H1B approved from employer A and now i got a different offer through employer B . I agreed to that offer and the Employer B filed the H1B Transfer.I got an RFE and my transfer pettion was denied.I am already working as an employee for Employer B on OPT status.I got my OPT status till March 2015.


Questions :

1 ) what should do after March 2015?

2 ) How should my new employer B apply for my new H1B?

3 ) should my employer file my H1B petition for FY 2015 category Statting April 1st  or apply H1B with reference to the denied H1B  ?

4 ) If my employer B files H1B for me next year,Which category will i fall into (FY 2015 or FY 2014)?




Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the reply .

As my OPT ends on March 14 2015, am i still elligible for cap extension or should i go out of the country .

You are eligible for cap gap only if a H1B petition will be filed before OPT expiry. In your case you will not be eligible for that as your OPT expires before 1st April 2015.

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