Change to new Employer after I140 Approval


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Hello Guys,


I know this question has been asked quite a number of times but still wanted to ask, & confirm before making the big leap.


Below is my situation.


1. Got Perm and I140 approval thru Company A

2. Got three yrs H1B ext based on approved I140

3. Have a FT offer from Company B

4. When I asked company A for a copy of approved I140, they are denying it saying it is against there policy.However I have a copy of receipt number when I140 was filled.


Will I be able to move to Company B without a copy of I140 from Company A ?  Is there any chance of Company A revoking my existing I140 ? and is there any other things I need to take care of ?


Any help is much appreciated.






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So does that mean that after jumping to company B if Comany A cancels my I140 ..I will be in trouble ?

Say your H1B petition with company B is approved for 3 years and later employer A revokes your I-140 you are fine till those 3 years of approval. Any extension beyond 3 years is possible only with a PERM or I-140 pending for more than a year or an approved I-140.

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