H4 to F1 CoS pending for 5 months


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I am studying on H4 and applied for CoS in June. It has been close to 5 months and my application is still in initial review. They have created 2 service requests, but there has been no proper response except that my case is being adjudicated. I talked to a level 2 officer twice, and even they don't seem to give any extra info. I know a lot of my friends who applied around the same time as me and have got their status approved in less than 3 months. I need to get my F1 by January in order to be eligible for OPT next year. I have these questions


1. If i cancel this application and go to India/Canada for stamping, is it too risky? Are the chances of rejection high because they will track my immigration applications through my SEVIS?

2. Is there any other way to get more info about my case from USCIS? 

3. In what order do they process applications. Its really not fair if they process in any order since i know people who applied after me and got theirs approved in two months.(all from my University)

4. I came to India in March, and applied for CoS in June. Is that too early to apply and that is the reason they are taking so long to process my case?


Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Yes, you should be able to travel to india and schedule a visa appointment for F1. Make sure you take all the documents:-


Latest I-20.

Letters from your university showing your admission into the program.

Your sponsor bank statements, tax returns and affidavit of support form.

Records of your past stay in US.

Your spouse documents - H1 I-797, Tax returns, bank statements, etc

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Hi everyone ! 


I applied for COS from H4 to f1 and its been 3.5 months and I have not heard anything from them. Is it advisable to plan a India trip and attend a Interview for F1 ?? Is it very risky to do that ? Will I be questioned why I did not wait to travel abroad before I get it approved?


Please any suggestions would help.

It takes 3 to 4 months to get approval. If it is urgent you can travel abroad for visa stamping. There is no risk if you have all required documents.

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