Expiry date of I94 and H1B visa are on Nov 21st,2014 with a valid I797 petition till sept,2017

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Could some body please help me .. I got my H1B visa in company A and I moved to Company B where my visa got transfered and got I797 till sept,2017.But my visa is till 21st,Nov 2014.

And I travelled to USA with that visa and in the port of entry they gave the date as per my visa which is 21st Nov,2014.


Now my company is asking me to go out of country like MEXICO and come back.So could you please let me know the procedure how it can be done.Is it some thing like I have to go to airport go out of it and come back immediately.And once I enter USA again will I be getting I94 as per my new petition till Sept 2017?


I checked with CBP office and they said i have to file I 102 and when i informed my company they said it is costlier compared to crossing the border.



Please kindly update me on this..........!!!!!

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please refer this govt CBP document.




I-94 - Extension of stay, adjustment of status, change of status
Will my extension of stay, adjustment of status or change of status filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) appear on the cbp.gov website?

No.  The I-94 retrieval website only provides I-94 records issued by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the travel history associated to I-94 records issued by CBP.  If US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) granted an extension of stay, change of status or adjustment of status, USCIS provides a new I-94 or other documentation to reflect the change.  The documentation provided by USCIS is your new record and should be used as evidence of lawful status.


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How do I get I-94 from USCIS? I have approved I-797 until 2017. Is that the document they are talking about?


I recently entered USA with I-94 expiry date as 2015 but my petition is approved until 2017 (I had switched company so petition is new and visa is old)

If you switched employer after you entered US and that new I797 has a valid I94 then you are fine to stay till its expiry date.

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