Job & Field Change after getting i-140 approval


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Hi Guys, 

I am in situation and I want some answers for my career ahead. Please help me, advise me.

I am working in Pharma. My bachelor and masters are in Pharma. I have 4 yrs experience in Pharma and I am on 3rd of h1B. And I have filed my labor PERM and i-140 in pharma on EB2 Category. And now It is approved. I was told that I can change my job after i-140 approval. But I want to go to IT field. I want to change my field from Pharma to IT. So my questions are: 

1. If I go to IT, can I still keep my priority date? 

2. If I change my field to IT, will that be a problem in future process? 
3. How long should I stay with my current employer(Pharma) after i-140 approval? Is there any rule?
4. If I go to IT, will I still be able to file everything on Eb2 category?

Please let me know. 



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