Transfer H1B with inconsistent Paystubs


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Hi All,

Am currently on H1B with Employer A and am looking to understand the possibility of RFE/issues during H1B transfer to a new employer. The below are details of my situation.


Employer A would pay me on 15-th of every month for the hours billed to the client in the previous month. However the paystub would reflect inconsistent pay period.


Eg : For Jan 1 to Jan 31 , employer A would pay me on 15-Feb , but the paystub would reflect Pay period as 01-Feb to 15-Feb only instead of 01-Jan to 31-Jan.. As a result, I have missing paystubs for later half of the months..


Should this create problems in the event I file for a H1B transfer to a new employer.. How to get this resolved as Employer A is not willing to change his pattern.




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