Change of status - F1 Visa (while H1 transfer)


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Hi All,


I have a valid H1 visa expiring on Dec 2016. My wife has a H4 visa dependent on my H1. My wife started going to school and we have applied for her change of status to F1, which is pending with USCIS(Current status RFE, I am yet to receive the query from them) . Meanwhile I have a new job and need to transfer my H1, but the immigration lawer is saying they can't transfer the H4 visa for her as a case is still pending  with USCIS. Now my questions are:


1) Once my H1 is approved for the new employer, my current employer H1 will be void I am assuming, so in that case as we are not applying for my wife's H4 transfer will she go out of status? The current employer H4 is valid till Dec 2016.  

2) After I join new company,  with the new H1 and my current H1 is void, after that if my wife's F1 gets rejected, will she go out of status ?  




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