does one need to amend I-130 after marital status changes?

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My I-130 is filed under FB4 category in 2009. I got married in 2012 however I-130 is still filed ONLY for me and shows my marital status as single. 

Does my sponsor need to file amendment or any other document to reflect my marital status and seek immigration for both me(beneficiary) and my dependents(wife and kids)? 

What will happen to my wife and kids whenever the priority date becomes current? I am already in USA under L visa. is there any way that we can hire lawyer to ask for unification on ground of being with parents who are also in US as greencard holders?


I am married and above 21 so do not qualify for IR1 category and if my parents file I-130 after their citizenship, the PD will be somewhere around in 2015 and it will be put me in FB3 category.


Please help..

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