What should I say on DS160?Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon?


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I am a non-immigrant H1B visa holder.I got my first traffic ticket which is reckless driving by speed in Virginia(Class 1 Misdemeanor) driving 87/70. Lawyer represented me in the court and got me a disposition letter, which says my charge will be amended to speeding(infraction) 80/70 in 60 days provided I do Defensive Driving Course of 6/8 hours in any state.I did in NJ and sent the certificate to the VA court.Fine and court cost will be known in Jan 2015. Right now case is on Deferred Disposition state until judge check my file in Jan 2015. I was not arrested neither my finger prints were taken.

I recently changed my employer.Now I am planning to visit India and get my H1B visa stamped in December this year. 
Can I leave country in Deferred Disposition state? 
Do I have to say yes or no on DS-160? 


Please share you insight.

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