I-140 : Wrong Priority Date Printed


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Hi Experts,


This is an issue happening with my friend. His company filed for LC in Feb 2013. Got a query and delayed the process, finally LC got approved this year then I-140 was filed with premium processing in Aug 2014. It got approved in but i-140 shows priority date as Aug 2014. Attorney has filed the application to correct that date to Feb 2013. Application is under progress. God knows how long will it take, since this request does not come under premium process. But now the issue is, he is planning to change his employer. he got a new offer as well. But this I140 issue is blocking him. In this scenario, if he files LC with new company without correction, what priority date is he entitled for ? the one printed on I140 or the actual one when LC was filed ? 


Is there a fix for this situation ?

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