Confusion regarding my status


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First thanks to all who take time to answer questions. I really appreciate that.


I joined a new employer in July 2014 and they filed for my H1B.


It got approved and is valid till Apr 2017(I-797A with I-94).


In September while going through the documents I realized that there was an error in my salary in LCA & H1B application. The HR immediately filed for H1B amendment with PP. And the HR told me that they will do consular processing. I still donno why? I asked them many times but they kept insisting to go for consular processing.


The amendment again got approved. I now have I-797B without I-94. I received I-797 yesterday and I am traveling to India this Friday.


Is my previous I-94 still valid? As I got new H1B with consular processing? Am I out of status now?


Thanks for your help.



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