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My h1b expires on May 1st 2015 (6 years duration will be over on May 1st 2015) . My employer just got labor certification approved for me. Does the perm application need to be files 365 days before expiration of h1b or Perm has to be approved 365 days prior to h1b expiration?


*Correction, my H1b expires on May 1st 2016; could it be corrected in my original post?

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Labor Certification is called PERM only. PERM needs to be filed 365 days before one completes 6 years on H-1b.


Actually, PERM is independent from the H1. It can be filed at any time. The person doesn't even have to be in the US.

To be eligible for 7th+-year H1 extensions, though, PERM has to be filed before the end of the 5th year on H1.

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