COS H4 to F1, Question about How many courses to enroll to maintain valid F-1 status


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I started my college this FALL-2014 on H-4 status which expired on Oct-8-2014.


Received I-20 from college with start date as 28-Oct-2014 and Applied for COS to F-1 on Oct-1-2014 which is in "Pending" status now.


As per college a semester is divided into two terms. Term-1 (Sep till Oct) and Term-2 (Nov till Dec).


I took 1 course (3 credits) in Term-1 when I am on H-4 status


Now I enrolled for 2 more Courses (6 credits) in Term-2 because i applied for F-1 status which if approved would be backdated to Oct-9-2014 (because Oct-8-2014 is H-4 expiry date), so in order to maintain a valid F-1 status i would require total of 9 credits per semester.


Now my question is about the minimum 9-credits rule for F-1 students.


Do i need to enroll for 3 courses (9 credits) in Term-2 because F-1 status if approved would be applicable from Oct-9-2014, so from Oct-9-2014 i have to maintain 9-credits?

In which case i would get 12 credits for entire semester.




Is it fine if I Enroll for 2-Courses (6 credits) in Term-2 which would make a total of 9 credits for entire semester (3 credits from Term-1 on H-4 and 6 credits from Term-2 with F-1)?


Please clarify

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Ok, let me explain it again.


In my university, a Semester is divided into 2-Blocks - Block-I and Block- II


FALL-2014 Semester is divided as - Block I ( Sep-6 till Oct-26) and Block II (Oct-28 till Dec-20) which makes a complete FALL-2014 Semester.


I Completed one Course(3 credits) on H-4 Status in FALL-Block-I


Requested COS to F-1 status from FALL-BLOCK-II (from Oct-28) to USCIS.


Now my question is:


Considering the 1 Course that i took in Block-I on H-4 status, How many MINIMUM courses should i take in FALL-BLOCK-II.

 Is it 2 Courses (6 credits) or 3 Courses (9 credits) in order to maintain Valid F-1 status(minimum 9-credit rule) from Oct-28th ?


Appreciate any response. Thanks!

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