F1 to H1- First time H1B stamping DS 160 doubts


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Hi Everyone,


I have my h1b petition approved and is activated few days back i.e., OCT 2014 and I have an interview date for visa stamping at Jamaica. I studied at a reputed school and now work for a reputed big company. 

I have a few doubts. 

1. Specify home address -> which one do i specify? my current one in the US or my home address in India

2. Previous Employment -> Are on-campus jobs and Teaching Assistantships involved in this? I worked as Research Assistant and I have my W2 as well- should i mention it?

3. Date you intend to arrive and depart in the US: I have a return flight in Nov 6 (which would be the arrival date in the US) , but what do i put down as the departure date? Even as an approximate? Do i just indicate what is on my i-94 or the one on I-797?

4. Have u visited any other countries in the last 5 yrs? This is confusing, I was in the US and I visited India , and when i was in India i visited US. Do i take it to mean APART FROM US AND INDIA? what do i fill out here? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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