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Hello Everyone,

I'm seeking for an advice and opinions from all of you guys regarding my wife's H-4 (dependent visa) visa.

Here are the details:

My wife attended her H-1B visa interview on June 3rd and was issued 221(g) AAP (Blue form with no documents asked, but mentioned document verification required). Today we got mail from consulate stating that visa was refused under 221(g) and mentioned that that petition was returned to USCIS for verification.

And now, I and wife are planning to apply for H4 visa. So my questions to all you guys are

1.Can we apply dependent (H-4) visa while here current petition is under process with USCIS?

2.Can we apply dependent (H-4) visa after resigning her current job?

3.Will there be any impact on H-4 visa with the current H-1B refusal?

We really look forward for your valuable suggestions/options/advice.

Thanks in advance!!!



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Hi Sony,

My wife attended H-4 (dependent) visa interview and got approved today. Visa Officer asked regular H4 questions along with her previous H1-B refusal details. He checked all my H1-B related documents, paychecks, LCA and all.

feel free to let me know if you need more info..

Best of luck!!!

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Here are the questions asked during the interview:

1) Date of marriage?

2) How many people attended the marriage?

3) where did you meet your husband first time?

4) what was the reason for your H1-b refusal?

5) in which university you have done your master's?

6) your husband's latest pay checks?

7) your husband LCA?

8) W2's?

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I am having same issue.

My husbands L1-B rejected on 29th August 2011.

We are planning to apply for H4 as i am in US.

What was the time gap from the H1-B rejection and H4 stamping.

Did she wait and re-appreaded for H4 stamping or immediatly she applied for H4 stamping.

Please help me.

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Originally posted by jaymanickam:

Hi vj574,

Thanks for the response and I appreciate it. I am planning to go for H4 visa soon and preparing all the documentation needed.


I got my H4 approved! and waiting for the passport to come.

Opened my folder and looked at I797.

then asked the below Qs:

What is your spouse working on?

What is the job location?

How long your spouse been in the US?

How long have you been married?

How did you guys meet?

Was it arranged marriage?

How many attended the marriage?

Visa approved right then.

Good luck guys!!

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