221G white slip issued with "Further Review" at Ottawa Consulate


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Bad day for me, since I was the first one to get it before me several others went to the same window(#2) and their interview lasted less than a minute and approved.

Anyways here is how it went:

Interview Date: 20th October 2014


VO: So you going back to work for XXXXX?

Me: Yes


VO: End client?

ME: Yes, provided with name


VO: Give me all the letters:

ME: Handed over the EVC letters.


VO: So how long have you been working with the client?

ME: More than 6 years now.


VO: So why didn't they sponsor you?

ME: Coz, they don't do H1.


VO: Same vendor for the client for last 6 years? Then why didn't they sponsor your H1?

ME: Coz, vendor don't do H1.


At that point he was not convinced and started asking random questions. Asked me to hand over all the documents I had for further review.

Gave him paystubs, petiton documents from previous employers, etc.


VO: "It will take at least a week before we make any decision. I know you are staying temporary here in Canada, will do our best to work on the case"


Handed me white 221G slip. Now the wait game begins. Hope it clears out soon.









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hi  i am also  same situation. i went to interview on 29th sep 

 same kind of question ask me as well. they issue me 221g white slip and say further processing  1 to 2 weeks.


oct 2nd they came back to me asking end client contact person details.but my problem is i am out side of USA client not ready to give a details. my employer draft a email it says once i done all immigration and visa formalities i will be sign to work on client side. 


oct 10 th they came back asking same question client side contact person details.

i have no idea what to do now.


they took my passport almost 3 weeks.i have no idea what to do.

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Embassy contacted client today for verification. Here is the excerpt of the email.


Mr. XXXXX applied for a visa to our office.  As a routine nature, we would like to verify that he works at your location. He provided your name as a contact.  Would you please verify that Mr. XXXX works as a contractor for your location.  Would you also provide the date he began work and what is the expected end date of his contract.


Client replied promptly. Hopefully that resolves the case. Fingers crossed !

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Dont worry I had my interview on 29th sep and also the VO said your visa is approved and was issued a 221g slip as well. But in 2 days they called my client and verified my details and gave me the visa the same day.  Along with me 5 of them got 221g's and all their visas were approved along with PP within 7 business days. Looks like this is a common trend at Ottawa. As long as the documents you provided are valid you dont have to worry about it.


Good Luck!

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Hats off to Ottawa consulate. Their process has been so transparent and efficient. I got this email yesterday.


" Your US visa has been approved  and should be available at the Loomis location you selected in the 2-3 business days. We will try our best to have it available by Friday afternoon. You may want to go to the Loomis location Friday afternoon before closing and ask if it is available if you do not get an email from Loomis as sometimes the email comes in after the closing."


Based on the email I believe I can pick up the passport without waybill no, if it is available.

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