H1b transfer and extension question


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Hi All,
I'm currently employed for a company XYZ and my H1b visa is getting transferred to a new company ABC. ABC is doing the transfer in normal mode and they have already Fedexed the transfer request to USCIS. They are insisting me to join immediately. However, I'm taking a more cautious approach and would join only upon receiving the receipt number.


In the meantime, my visa is due for renewal and XYZ is asking to submit for extension(even though the VISA is valid for five more months). At this point,  my question is...if USCIS takes times to acknowledge my transfer request and there is delay in receiving the receipt number. In the meantime, if XYZ's extension reaches USCIS also. Would that create any confusion and result in any issues from USCIS?


Not sure if it matters, XYZ is a popular desi consulting company while ABC is a US MNC company and I used to contract with them in the past.


Thank you for your help in advance,

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