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Hi All,


I have been following Visa Interview questions here in the forum and there some common questions being asked like


1) Where do you work?--My Answer--> XXX client

2) Where is your client location? --->My Answer-->ABC state

3) Which company do you work for and its location? -->My Answer-->123 company/XYZ state

4) Can i have your driving license? etc--My Answer-->DEF state


So here is my case. I am working for 123 company which is located in XYZ state and working for client which is in ABC state. I am travelling every week(Monday to Thursday) to client location as I am staying in DEF state. 


LCA is filled as per the client location i.e. ABC state and my pay stub's are run on DEF state i.e. where i am staying currently.


If I say this answers during my visa interview will it be a problem. Also in my employment brochure it says 100% travel required will that be sufficient document to support my self for above answers.Also I am planning to carry my Approved Expenses report's by client.


I know we should be saying fair answers to VO but just I am looking for suggestions.


Really appreciate your inputs.









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