H4 Interview Wavier Program for New Born - Question


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 I am recently blessed with a baby boy in India, it has been just 50 days the kid is born and we have the passport and I just filled the DS160 form and paid the fee and finished with the application process
 my question is about the documents, i moved to us before my kid is born in India
 what all documents are required in the drop box
  upon online research I found these
1.DS-160 form print out
2.Visa fee receipt
3. I-797 original & copy of mine (principal applicant)
4.Visa copy (H1B) of mine and my wife’s (H4)
5.Kid’s passport
6.My Job Offer letter
7. Pay slips
8.Form 16
9.Experience letters
10. Photos of the kid

I am fine with submitting all of these documents except I -797A original, as I am in USA now, i can't provide I-797 original, is it fine to submit the copy of I 797?

or original I-797 is required?

Please suggest on what exact documents need to be provided?


Thank in advance

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