H1B transfer approved without I94

Pankaj Nerkar

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I was working for X firm till 20th Sept 2013 then I moved to Y firm. They

initiated my H1B transfer. I started working for Y firm from 7th October


On 29th june 2014 my H1B transfer got approved but without I94.

So Y company saying they will initiate a Motion with USCIS so that I dont

have to travel out of country.

July 2014 Y company raised motion request with USCIS which not yet served.

Please suggest what should I do.

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Hi Joe/Rahul,

Two important things,

1. In my aprroved I797c they specifically asked me to visit Mumbai consulate so is it fine if I go to some other consulate.

2. My wife is in 9th month of her pregnancy so traveling is not an option right now.


1. Yes.

2. Talk to a good attorney immediately and explore options.

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