H4-H1B: Fresh H1B approved + H1B Transfer


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Hi Experts,


I am newbee to H1B immigration rules, so request you to please guide me with following query.



I was initially on H4 dependent visa and could find an employeer(consultancy) who was willing to file fresh H1B based on my 6+ years of genuine experience.
I got my petition approved on 29 Sep'14 and since then till today(Oct 16) i am employed with my new employer on valid H1B status.


I have new well renowned MNC employer who is willing to sponsor for H1B transfer (new petition filing) after i cleared its interview process.

Problem is:
Since it is only 15days to valid work permit of 1st October every year, i dont have paystubs generated from my current employer(who filed my H1B).

Also as per him, first paystubs would be tenatively generated by 15th Nov'14 as there is expected delay of payment from client due to yearend, whatsoever.





1) I have a MNC employer ready to hire me and transfer my new H1B.

Is it risky to get new H1B(H1B transfer) filed from new MNC employer without producing valid paystub from old employer.


2) Does it imply i was out of status for 15/30 days by the time petition reaches USCIS, since i have not yet recieved paycheck deposit and paystubs?


3) What if my old employer still delays generating payroll to Nov'14 end. (2months after permit date of 1st oct defined in US)

Or worst case i count 3 months to Dec'14 end (considering 1st oct as start date)


4) Is there a mandation from USCIS to produce paystubs for a valid immediate H1B transfer.

If yes, how many paystubs are required of minimum to transfer.



Please guide.


Appreciate your help !!!

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