Visa Approved Oct 9th@Kingston Jamaica


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Hi All,


I have landed in Kingston on oct 8th,I have to give my address and return date to the custom officer, he gave visa for 30days. My Visa Got Approved on Oct 9th.I had my interview at 7:00 A.M.I was there around 6:15,the early you go the early will leave.




They allowed us inside at 7:00 A.M. We had to wait for around 30mins for finger prints. My interview Started around 8:00 A.M.I was interviewed by a young





VO - What is your Role?


Me - I am a web Developer.



VO- Did you do masters?


Me -Yes



Vo -Which University and Which Stream?


Me- Mentioned my Univ name and my stream.



She mentioned that my visa got approved.She gave me a white slip, I requested her to deliver the passport asap.She was mentioning that they have implemented


the new process as of today i.e. (10/09) and everyone has to check the status online.



I have seen some posts where people mentioned that white slip is 221G.Please don't take all those things in to consideration.White Slip means Visa Approved.



There are around 5-6 counters where interviews are being held.



Lady in mid 40's is asking lot of questions but end of the day she is giving visa if your case is genuine and you justify your answers. One of my friend doesn't have client letter, but he explained her the valid reason for not having the client letter and he got his visa too.



People who went to the young lady's counter all got their visa's with only few questions asked.




Coming to the online status-I had to wait for a day to get the status changed from Admin Processing to Issued


Couple of days from Issued to the mail I received with DHL Tracking Number. Please book your tickets with a gap of at least 3 business days  after the Visa Interview.



Regarding the Accomodation:We booked our complete stay through Airbnb.It costed around 75-100$.Some of the apts were really nice and some of them were ok



Places to See- We rented a car and visited Ocho Rios and Monteago Bay ,Negril



Ochos Rios is the place to watch for, lot of things to do in Ocho Rios compared to Monteago Bay.



If you are planning to rent a car, please carry GPS with you. It costed around 100$ for GPS alone. Please take 300$ cash  and make sure to have 10's and 5's for taxi. For the first 2 days I called Tony-876-352-4460.He comes quickly and doesn't charge much.





Questions Asked on Return to US



Purpose of the trip


Is this your first time visit to US


How long i have been staying in US


What did you do since 1 week in Jamaica



Finally what I want to say is plan your trip accordingly and plan for 1 week. If you justify your answers and have proper documentation, you will get visa for sure. Good Luck, Let me know if you have any questions.



















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Hi congrats for your approval

Is there anyone who got visa with non -IT field like pharmacy .

If they ask what's your stream in masters and I say pharmacy do they reject my visa ?? I have 3 years of exp with certification and pg diploma from India in computers.. My question sounds silly but I'm keep asking this question who went for visa. Thanks

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@Kingston : I stayed in a Apt not motel.DHL pick up time 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

@vin : I collected my passport on 16th

@Ninar:Purpose of the trip : H1b Visa Stamping

Is this your first time visit to US:No,I have been here for a while.

How long I have been staying in US: Mentioned the no.of years

What did you do since 1 week in Jamaica: I was waiting for my visa, meanwhile I have seen few places around Jamaica.

@Manoj:Just provide them some proof like email communication from HR about the company policy.

@unlucky_boy : Yes my friend got his visa,he is from non IT background,You can show them some kind of proof like certifications or univ courses you have done during your masters .

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