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My wife has been studying for her dual MS-MBA program for the last 2 years. She is covered under my employer health care and has been for the last 5 years. She always got a waiver in needing to get the university health insurance mandatory for F1 students because of this. However the university is insisting tht she gets their insurance from this term onwards They refused the waiver saying tht my employer based insurance does not meet their requirements . That is pretty ridiculous as they have set it up so that only the insurance they provide will meet all the points they need met. Is this even legal for them to do this? Are there any options ?

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Yes, this is legal for them to do that.

And your claim that only their insurance would meet all the requirements is of course ludicrous. As if you know all the other insurance plans out there...

If the waiver is denied, your wife will have to get the university health insurance or drop out of the program.

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