Need Information about filling DS-160 form


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Hello All,

I completed my 1st masters in May 2011. My H1B was not picked up last year so I started my second Masters(MBA) in this year January. I applied for H1B this year (under Masters quota using my 1st MS degree) and it got approved. I have completed 3 semesters of MBA and currently took a break in this semester. I am planning on completing this next year.


I am planning to go to Jamaica for stamping this month and I have a question while filling the DS 160 form. There is a section where we have to enter our education credentials. 

"Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?"


Do I have to enter details about my second Masters too which I am still pursuing? I am asking this because it has "date of attendance from" and "date of attendance to" fields and I haven't still finished the course. So I am confused if I have to enter my second Masters info at all. Please advice if any of you were in the same situation.   

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