Questions about I- 130 for my brother

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Iam a US citizen and I want to sponsor GC for my brother. I have few questions before that..

1)  After filing I-130 for my brother, Can he come to USA in tourist  visa?

2)  After filing I-130, can my brother come to USA on L1 or H1 visa sponsored by his employer?

3)  Iam planning to move back India in 2 years but will  sponsor and file I-130  for my brother right now but would my move  be a problem?(Iam thinking of giving my friends address)


4)  If he come to USA on H1 or L1 and his employer tries to sponsor him GC , can he process GC through his employer(which might be faster) while the I-130 is submitted by me?


Thank You


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The I-130 is completely independent of any I-140 filed by an employer.

Getting a visitor visa may be hard, since an I-130 (or I-140) indicates immigration intent, which isn't allowed for a visitor.

H1 and L1 are dual intent visas, so for that, having an immigrant petition like an I-130 is not a problem.

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