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I went to stamping in India on may 6th, 2014, I was still an employee for ABC employer by then but I got 221g and finally refused saying "documents submitted are not sufficient to support the petitiion.


Today I went for stamping on a fresh petition, new employer and with EC model. The interview started going good, gave the client letter and the information VO asked me.  But all of a sudden VO told me there is some fraud in my record which I never knew till now. VO said I don't have employment with ABC at the time I attended for interview first time. Even my experience letter from ABC company says that I was working for them on may 6th 2014.


what are my next steps.


Now they took my I797b, petition, passport, my new employer-Client agreement, client letter and issued me 221g.


thanks for your valuable time.

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