Very strange scenario.H1B approved but extension of stay denied.


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Hello gurus,

I am in a strange scenario. My change of employer H1B is approved but extension of stay denied.

-came from India through company A on H1b in 2009 june , got I 94 till sep 2011.

Changed to company B, worked on receipt only till mar 2011, (took so long, got RFE, and replied still waiting)

In march 2011, got offer from new American company C, initially applied under normal processing , got RFE in may , changed to Premium processing and replied RFE in june 1 st week----got approval for next 3 years ( till 2014) but extension of stay denied ( I have I 94 till sep 2011)

Usics mentions that in oct 2010, company A revoked my H1 petition, so not extended my stay.

Should I go to back to india immediately and get new visa stamping or can I cross border and come back with new 1 94 ( based on new company C approval).

I think I am out of status but legal stay based on I 94 .

Please help me , am in a fix weather to go to india for stamping or get new I 94 from crossing US border.

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