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I see the following two instructions when I try to edit the info. Calling the Customer Care folks and checking with them might be a good start.


Once an appointment is scheduled, only passport and email address can be modified. If you need to modify additional fields, you must cancel this appointment.


Warning: The information entered below must match the applicant’s passport and DS-160 application. Any discrepancy will result in delays in the return of the applicant’s documents.


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I entered Date of Birth wrong in the applicant info. Is there a way to update it without rescheduling the slot? 

Instructions to change applicant and appointment information

The appointment must be canceled to edit applicant information. Return to the Applicant Summary Page and click Cancel Appointment. After the appointment is canceled click on the pencil link to edit all applicant information answers. Please note that by canceling your appointment you may not be able to reschedule for the same date and time.


I can not reschedule a different slot because slots are not available in near future and I have made my plans already. Is it Ok to attend the interview without updating DOB? Will it affect my VISA application approval?

Please help me out. 


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