last name correction for existing B2 visa


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My father has a B2 visa valid till 2020.His passport had his last name spelled incorrectly and the visa is also on that incorrect last name.

It was spelled as Koti venkata instead of kota venkata ( just i was written instead of a). We did not notice this when the passport was issued long time ago and didn't bother to change then.

We lived with it for some time and now we got it corrected to it corrected and a new passport was issued. In fact all his identity documents back in India are with last name Kota venkata.


My question is:Do we need to apply for a new B2 visa since a word from last name is now different? or is it enough if my father carry, during US travel, both old and new passports and copy of notarized affdavit explaining that the last name change?






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