F1 Stamping successful in Canada - update


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Hello All,


Happy to share the news that my visa was approved. I'm on OPT right now valid until Sept 2015. My visa was approved for the period of time remaining on my OPT.


I had to book my appointment for Canada 2.5 months in advance and then I applied for the visitor visa multiple entry. I received the visa within 1 week of sending my application. The only consulate that was available was montreal and I had my appointment there last week. I stayed at the mariott next to the consulate. My husband and I took a flight up there. We reached the night before the appointment. My appointment was at 7 AM and I left for the consulate at 6.45 from my room. There were around 8 people in line ( contrast this with India!!!) and the guard let us in one by one starting at 7. 30 only which was past my interview time.

The lady at the gate then checked the DS 160 confirmation, passport. Then we go through the security ( remove watch, cellphone etc). They have lockers at this point if anyone needs to store cellphones keys. I didn't have anything with me. After the secutiry check we are seated in a waiting area. We were there until 8.30 AM. Around 20 people by now ( again, contrast with India).


At 8.30 the guard comes and tells us to take the elevator to the 19th floor. We all took the elevator and reached 19th. A woman there check DS 160 and passport. Immigrant visas go to the left and non-immigrant go straight ahead in line for fingerprinting.

I appeared in line for the fingerprinting. The man was friendly and checked passport, DS 160. Saw it was for F1 and asked I-20. Then he asked for proof in Canada. My visitor visa was in passport and I pointed him to that. He noted things on his computer and then 2-3 minutes later requested fingers for the fingerprinting. He put my Ds 160 confirmation, I20 and passport in a see through folder Done.. Asked to seat myself. I was third in line. We all waited. 9.10 AM the visa officers arrive ( counters 6- 12 I think). Then the first 4 in line are asked to go to the visa counter for interview. The first was visitor - approved, second was visitor - not approved. Third was me. Behind me was visitor too ( later came to know she was approved).


At the visa counter, I was asked for the plastic folder. OFficer keeps looking at computer screen and takes my documents. Asks me many questions like where I'm working, when the degree was completed, job duties, OPT start dates, school name, where is the sponsor right now (my husband), what is his status, has an immigrant petition been filed for him ( I answered truthfully yes), my previous status information, some more questions, etc. He then said "put your left 4 fingers on". I knew at this point that the visa was approved. He said I am approving your visa, cancelling your old visa. You will get the passport in 1 week. He kept my I 20 and when I asked for it he said we will return with passport. I thanked him and left.


Was certainly relieved. I was definitely nervous and could hear my heart beating loudly while at the counter. 4 days later I got my passport request email and I went the same day to pick up. The visa is approved until the end date of my OPT.


I wanted to share with everyone here, especially since people keep saying that spouse's I-140 creates an issue. I had that question directly asked to me and I told the truth. I real in many of the DHS, USCIS and other official websites that everything is about intention. Even though my spouse has applied for a green card, he has only "applied", not granted yet. So we are all still immigrants. I think the visa officers are well aware of this.

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i am on my h1b extension..planning to attend interview in montreal as it is close to new jersey..can any one tell me best place to live near to montreal consulate...how did u pick your passport..rent a car to go to loomis...


which loomis branch did you choose...suggestions plss

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There are a lot of places around the consulate. Days inn, holiday inn, mariott. Just google with the pin code. Yes you can take a cab for the Loomis location or there are buses too. I took a cab.

I heard December is very expensive in montreal. What dates are you seeing now?

Enjoy montreal. Fantastic city. Expensive though.

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Thank you so much for the details.


I am seeing dates for the first week of november 2014. 


consulate address: 1155 rue St-Alexandre Montréal, Québec H3B 3Z1


1) Is this the loomis location you went:  Lachine: 2355 32nd Avenue, Lachine, QC H8T 3G9


2) duration of CAB drive and approx. price please...


I am on Vendor - Client model...current project is until March 2015 with possible extension..on the same project for 4 years...


Concern:  i have 5 months on current project...


do u see any issues with my case...


appreciated !!

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